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Which medical field suits me best?

An EHC user asked:

I have been considering pursuing a career in a medical field for quite some time now. However, I am unsure which medical field would suit me the best. I enjoy sciences (especially biology and anatomy) tremendously. 

I considered nursing but I do not know if I can give needles and deal with blood/gory situations - this aspect of nursing scares me.  Is there a medical occupation that combines psychology, science and ability to improve peoples' lives through communication and compassion? What are the future job prospects and career choices with a degree in psychology? Any help would be greatly appreciated....

EHC Responded:

Thank you for your question. ExploreHealthCareers (EHC) cannot offer specific career guidance advice. Only you can decide which career is best for you.  However, EHC can direct you to places on the website and other resources that will help you with your career decision-making process.

The Getting Started section on EHC includes a short article on Is a Health Career is Right for You. You already know that “blood/gory situations” are not for you. That’s a great start to eliminate work settings you would not enjoy. EHC recommends you talk to a few people who are licensed psychologists. There are many different specialty areas in psychology. You may enjoy one area of psychology more than another after speaking with and perhaps shadowing a psychologist. If you haven’t done so already, read our career overview for Psychologist. It includes a Resource section with additional links to other websites. The most important thing to remember is to choose a profession you love. The April 2011 article on How to Manage a Career Change (Part 1) has some really good tips, not only for people changing careers, but those who are in the career exploration phase. Good luck!