3 Health Care Careers for People Who Like Working with Children

If you like working with children and have an interest in the medical field, you’d do well to explore health careers that focus on serving this particular demographic. You may know that there are many health care careers that focus on the care of older adults, but did you know that there are specialists who focus on children as well? Pediatric nurse, maternal and child health specialist and art therapist are just a few of the health care careers that you might consider if you want to make a difference in the lives of children. 

Pediatric nurse

Pediatric nurses devote their time and energy to keeping children safe from diseases. These nurses perform the usual physical examinations that you would expect from any doctor’s appointment, but they have the difficult job of needing young patients to communicate “what hurts.” With training and experience, pediatric nurses know how to ask children the right questions so they can treat them effectively. Prevention and health education are major parts of this profession. Pediatric nurses often visit schools to perform physical exams, immunize children and provide routine developmental health screenings.

Maternal and child health specialist

Public health professionals develop programs that protect the health of communities in the United States and abroad. Like pediatric nurses, they educate these communities about maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases. Maternal and child health specialists are public health professionals who focus on wellness issues that affect women and children. Along with providing access to reproductive health resources, they help increase vaccination rates for children. 

Art therapist

Art therapy uses the creative process of making art to enhance the well-being of people of all ages. It combines mental health with the arts and humanities. Art therapy can help children develop interpersonal skills and practice self expression. This type of therapy can also help those facing cognitive problems, emotional difficulties and family issues. Art provides a way for children to communicate what they have trouble putting into words, and it offers their health care providers a new perspective on what they are feeling and experiencing.

In the United States, 1 in 10 children are in good, fair or poor health, and many of these children need the attention of medical professionals. If you’re an effective communicator who is open to trying new techniques to diagnose your patients, a health care career working with children may be a great fit for you.


A profession relating to health and medical career is a rewarding job but, also a tough one. It is important to know where you are passionate and pursue that dream of yours!

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