5 Apps for Students to Make College Life Easier

College is just as hard as it ever was but if you’re completing your studies today, you’re lucky in that you likely have access to a smartphone that can help you streamline processes and save time while balancing a hectic schedule. From online collaborative spaces to virtual to-do lists, there are new mobile applications launched every day to help you get organized. Specifically, students may want to take a look at these five must-have apps for making college life easier: Any.do, Mailbox, Dropbox, Feed.Ly and Scribd.


This app helps keep track of the huge pile of to-do lists that every college student has. It syncs with other devices to keep track of everything. Voice-to-text is an option as is their touch-based interface to add tasks. Users can also prioritize their tasks, mark them complete or remove them all.


Email gets annoying. If you have multiple accounts, or when Facebook changes its settings and starts emailing you about everything again, you need to be able to find and keep the important things. Mailbox allows you to do this with different swipe commands. You can mark things read and set reminders across multiple accounts.


From sharing photos to accessing class notes from different devices, Dropbox has you covered. If you lose your phone or your laptop dies, you can borrow another device and log right into Dropbox and see everything. This is a lifesaver for studying and sharing documents.


Feed.ly is one of the top RSS aggregators, which means it keeps track of things posted online that you want to know about. You can easily personalize it to keep track of news topics, blogs, sports, etc. This will save you tons of time and keep you posted on everything you want to be in the know about.


Scribd is a great online library that can go anywhere with you. Books and documents that have been shared worldwide are easily available and easy to organize on your smart phone. Create your own library of your notes, excerpts from texts, and share them with your friends.

Are we missing any must-have apps for students? Share in the comments below or tweet them @EHCWeb to help your fellow students save time and frustration.

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