Accepted to Multiple Colleges? Here’s How to Choose One

Congratulations — you applied to more than one college and just received multiple acceptance letters! This is great news and a reason to celebrate, but it also means you’ve got a big decision to make. Read on for a few quick tips to help you decide which college you should attend.

Consider the cost — What can you afford?

The amount of money you have to borrow for college will affect you for years to come, especially if your plans include medical school or advanced studies. Before you choose a college, take some time to figure out how you are going to pay for your education. While schools with fantastic reputations like those in the Ivy League are great, they come with a high price tag and may not be worth it if you don’t have the funds to make them work.

Personalize the choice — What do you want in a school?

An acceptance letter means that the school has decided that you fit their qualifications. Now you should make sure they fit yours! Look at class size, range of classes offered and anything else that will affect how you fare at the school. Make this choice about what you want, not about what the school wants.

Look at extracurriculars — Do they match your interests?

Networking starts in college and a pre-health club or organization can help you start networking in your preferred career field. Look at the activities your college organizes and the clubs and organizations that are active on campus. Remember if there isn’t a club there, you may be able to start one.

Go beyond the classroom — What research opportunities does the school offer?

As you complete your general education requirements and start working on the classes for your major, you will want to look into research opportunities and even internships. Having readily available research opportunities means it’ll be even easier for you to stand out during the admissions process for your next educational step: health profession school.

This decision is huge, there is no debate about that. But you are a bigger factor in your future than the college you decide to attend! Hard work and persistence pays off tenfold over the name of the institution. Our number one piece of advice during this exciting and stressful time: Listen to your gut! Making the choice based on your personal needs and desires will ensure that you attend the best college for you.

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