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Four Jobs That Help the Environment

January 8, 2019 | 5:21pm
According to the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs, "environmental health professionals are on the frontline of confronting these challenges, challenges that range from addressing climate change to inspecting sewage treatment facilities." This means that different aspects of our natural and human-made environment can and will impact our health. It Read More

Dermatology: Getting Under Your Skin

January 1, 2019 | 11:00am
When considering a health care profession, it helps to talk to a professional who has experience in your potential career. We recently interviewed Anisha Patel, M.D., Assistant Professor in the Department of Dermatology, Division of Internal Medicine at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. She was able to Read More

Three Ways to Improve Your Resume

December 28, 2018 | 11:00am
The ideal length for your resume is one-page, especially if you have fewer than 10 years of experience. If you’re starting to increase the font size in order to make your resume more impressive, you’re ignoring the bigger problem: You need more content! In this article, we offer a few ways Read More

Want a High-paying Health Care Career? Do the Math

December 18, 2018 | 9:00am
Most high school students have one goal in mind: receiving their diploma. But if you want to pursue a health career, simply meeting graduation requirements may not be enough. Taking four years of math and science in high school will put you on the path toward a rewarding health care Read More

Spotlight on Dermatology

December 12, 2018 | 9:00am
Dermatology isn't just about cosmetic procedures and treating acne. It's a field that focuses on "evaluating and treating children and adults with benign and malignant disorders of the skin, hair, nails and adjacent mucous membranes." We spoke with Nada Elbuluk, MD, MSc, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and assistant professor at Read More

Spotlight on Social Work: HEALS Recipient Katherine Lord

December 4, 2018 | 9:21am
While planning out your academic future, you may want to explore what health care careers have to offer for internships and experience. For those planning to get a graduate degree in social work, there is a considerable amount of time you need to spend in the field before you can Read More

Tackling Gender Stereotypes in Nursing

November 27, 2018 | 9:00am
According to the US Census Bureau, less than 10 percent of all registered nurses are men, and traditionally, nursing programs have been largely populated by women. It's a stereotype that nursing is a "woman's profession" since Florence Nightingale founded it in the mid-1800s. But times are changing: the percentage of male nurses Read More

Spotlight on Dental Hygienists

November 20, 2018 | 11:00am
There's a well-known Mark Twain quote: “Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Dental hygienist Monica Kwan loves that she has such a career. Not only is she able to work in a field she enjoys, but she can give back Read More

3 Types of Scholarships You’ll Encounter

November 13, 2018 | 9:00am
Get your documents prepared, brush up on your essay writing and update your autofill settings — November is National Scholarship Month. You'll want to get your scholarship applications in before you're nagged at the Thanksgiving dinner table. After all, how are you going to afford your health care career education? Read More

Experiences of a Naturopathic Medical Student

November 6, 2018 | 9:00am
Naturopathic physicians concentrate on whole-patient wellness through health promotion and disease prevention, attempting to find the underlying cause of each patient’s condition. They provide individualized, evidence-informed therapies that balance the least harmful and effective approaches to help facilitate the body’s ability to restore and maintain optimal health. We spoke with Read More