Types of Health Careers

Nurse ResearcherSome health care professionals spend many years (and many dollars) on the educational training they need to perform specialized tasks, but did you know that not all health care career paths require extensive time in school?

For students who want to enter the workforce sooner and still work in the healthcare field have a number of options from which to choose. We’ve provided a sample of health careers grouped by years of study with links to detailed career information for each where you’ll learn more about what the job responsibilities are like, how much you might earn and what, exactly, is required academically.

Advanced Schooling

You have the drive, desire and opportunity to commit to graduate and/or doctorate work. If this sounds like you, consider these careers:

Moderate schooling

You can begin pursuing these careers after as little as five or six years of college and/or graduate school:

Less schooling, immediate service

These careers offer students the opportunity to enter the health care workforce sooner so you can start earning and build practical experience immediately:

Want to know more? Filter your Career Explorer results by years in school to explore additional options based on how long you’d like to study before entering the field.