Occupational Therapy Aide

Average Salary $29,040
Years Higher Education 0 - 2
Job Outlook Excellent

Occupational therapy aides typically prepare materials and assemble equipment used during treatment and are responsible for a range of clerical tasks. Duties can include scheduling appointments, answering the telephone, restocking or ordering depleted supplies and filling out insurance forms or other paperwork. Aides are not licensed, so by law they are not allowed to perform as wide a range of tasks as occupational therapy assistants.

Working Conditions

Occupational therapy aides have variable work schedules that may include evening and weekend hours, depending on the facility and whether they are full or part-time employees. Many outpatient therapy offices and health care facilities have evening and weekend hours, to help coincide with patients’ personal schedules.

Salary Range and Outlook

The employment outlook for occupational therapy aides is good, projected to grow 41% from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for other occupations.

Academic Requirements

Occupational therapy aides typically have a high school degree. They usually receive most of their training on the job working with more experienced assistants or aides. Having previous health care experience and CPR and Basic Life Support certifications may be helpful for getting a position as an occupational therapy aide.

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