Dental Resource Roundup

Many students make their decision to pursue a degree in dentistry during high school. If you’re one of these students, start researching the field and the requirements to make sure you’re prepared academically and financially for this health care career. We suggest getting started with these trusted resources.

ADEA GoDental

ADEA GoDental is an innovative initiative of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) that provides students interested in pursuing careers in dentistry and dental hygiene with the information and guidance they need to apply to programs, matriculate and eventually fulfill their career goals. ADEA GoDental aspires to reach students from a variety of backgrounds, to supply the dental and dental hygiene workforce needed to meet the evolving oral health needs of a diverse society.

The ADEA GoDental website is a joint initiative involving ADEA, health professions advisors, dental schools and their administrators, current dental students and practitioners. You can benefit from helpful resources such as:
• Tips on completing the ADEA AADSAS® dental school application.
• Guidance on financing your dental education.
• Advice from practitioners, educators and dental students.
• Information about dental career options.
• Virtual and in-person events and webinars.

The site also offers additional resources for identifying schools that meet your specifications and match your individual needs, and shows how your advisor can help you get into them. Use the information provided by ADEA GoDental to forge a plan for your success in the dental professions, whether it be as a dentist, dental hygienist, dental laboratory technician, allied dental educator or dental assistant.


The American Student Dental Association, also known as the ASDA, is a student-run organization that connects students on “local and national levels and gives them the training they need to be better leaders and professionals.” The association has 24,000 dental students members and 3,000 members who are “predental students” waiting to be accepted to dental school. The Board of Trustees that runs the ASDA offers advice about:

  • Which podcasts to stream if you want to learn more about dentistry, wellness and business.
  • How international students can plan their studies in the United States.
  • How to find a mentor during dental school.
  • Taking the National Board Examination (NBDE) Parts I and II.

Check out this site if you are looking for advice from peers and those starting out academically, just like you. According to the ASDA, “50% of applicants are accepted into dental school each year. Predental ASDA membership can help you stand apart from your competition and the association says that it can even improve your chances of getting into dental school.


The American Dental Association, also known as the ADA, represents over 161,000 dentists from all over the United States. Their website hosts informational material about:

  • Where to find a best-fit accredited dental school and/or training program.
  • Which options you have for financial aid, including the ADA Foundation scholarship program.
  • Which career options are available in the field.
  • How to prepare for a career in dentistry.

Also, the ADA promotes the need for minority dentists in the profession. Currently, only 12 percent of students entering dental school are minorities, which in turn affects the entire industry. With a sizable amount of dentists projected to be retiring in the next couple decades, the association wants to make sure that the field is as diverse as possible.

Now that you have resources to get you started, get started with your career research! You’ll want to first determine which dentistry career track interests you the most and what expectations you feel that you can meet. From there, you can begin to plan your academic future.

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