CAHCMP Post Baccalaureate Program

Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL.
Type Test Preparation, Post-baccalaureate Program, Academic Enrichment


The major objectives of the Post Baccalaureate Program (PB) are to implement effective strategies and activities that will: 1. facilitate the admission of unsuccessful CAHMCP health professional applicants; and 2. enhance retention or readmission of underrepresented minorities who are facing dismissal or that have been dismissed from professional schools. An individually-structured curriculum plan will be configured to enable each participant to demonstrate his/her capability to perform consistently above peer level, as determined by performance over a three-quarter (21+ hrs) or five-quarter (25-30 hrs.) course-taking experience at Chicago Medical School. Students completing pre-requisite work or retaking basic science courses are selected for Staff Internships during which emphasis is placed on self-diagnosis/assessment of the academic, financial, and/or personal problems that interrupted their pursuit of a health career or impeded their acceptance into medical school. Based on this assessment, a combination of the following activities are pursued: additional course work, individual study projects, research experience, community projects, pre-course study, partner/group participation and MCAT self-study.


A typical pre-matriculation student is an unsuccessful medical school applicant and college graduate who majored in biology or chemistry at a large, public university. Always such students will have met all the course requirements for admission, but evidence modest overall GPA's or borderline MCAT scores that render them un-competitive for direct admission to medical school. Since, so many of these students have been in the CAHMCP pipeline since high school or even as Young Scientist Program participants, we know that they have the intellect and motivation to be successful in medical school. They simply need the extra boost and opportunity that our PB program provides.

Please contact the program administrator for more details on dates and deadlines. 

More Information

Director, Post-Baccalaureate Program
John Bradley
, Director, Chicago Area Health and Medical Careers Program
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: 312-567-5804
Fax: 312-567-8865