Center of Excellence (CoE)

Florida A&M University
Tallahassee, FL.
Type Academic Enrichment


African-Americans experience the highest mortality rates associated with most cancer (breast, lung, prostate, etc.) deaths despite decreases in morbidity rates for all other racial and ethnic groups. Health disparities are closely related to underlying socioeconomic inequalities and have been linked to racial differences among cancer mortality which presents major challenges across the entire spectrum of cancer prevention, early detection, and access to high quality care for disadvantage and underrepresented groups.

The overall goal and objective of the COE CRTCS Center is to develop innovative cancer research (breast and lung) utilizing an interdisciplinary and synergistic approach toward addressing some of the most significant health consequences in minority and socioeconomic disadvantaged populations.

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P20 Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence for Cancer Research, Training and Community Service
Florida A&M University
College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vanessa J Moore, Project Coordinator
Phone: 850.599.3278 or 850.599.3304
Fax: 850.599.3667