Community-Based Dental Education

University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Dentistry
Chicago, IL.
Type Clinical Research, Academic Enrichment, Health Disparities


The College of Dentistry’s patient care philosophy, educational direction, and physical facilities emphasize preparing highly qualified oral health care professionals; providing comprehensive and compassionate patient-centered care; and creating a clinical education model that reflects the best practices of general dental practitioners and assures the achievement of core competencies. The College’s mission is to “promote optimum oral and general health to the people of the State of Illinois and worldwide through excellence in education, patient care, research, and service.” To help achieve this mission, the College has developed several community-based education goals. These include: 1) Providing patient-centered care that is comprehensive and compassionate for culturally diverse populations; and 2) Providing student-oriented education programs that prepare individuals for the thoughtful, ethical practice of dentistry and life-long learning. Additionally, the College plans to address community and regional health care needs through outreach initiatives, educational programs, consulting, and referral services. It also plans to play a leadership role in forming healthcare policy at the university, state, and national levels. Project Activities Over the next two years, the College of Dentistry will: Provide community-based experiences to students in all four years of dental school. Continue to provide 60 days of extramural rotations to all senior students. Continue to encourage faculty and staff to integrate community-based experiences into the curriculum. Collaborate with the State of Illinois on the “Illinois Initiative for Dental Public/Community Oral Health Infrastructure Development,” a state project to ensure that there are enough community oral health professionals in Illinois. Increase underrepresented minority student, faculty, and staff recruitment and retention ‘within the College and Illinois’ oral health workforce. Apply for grants to expand the extramural program to include sites in rural Illinois.


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Project Director
Dr. Caswell A. Evans, Jr.
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