Graduate Studies Program-Cross Training in Biomedical Sciences

Albany Medical College
Albany, NY.
Type Basic Science Research


Funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, the Graduate Studies Program of the Albany Medical College offers “cross-training” opportunities for undergraduates majoring in the quantitative sciences (expressly excluding Biology). The rationale is that the explosion of information generated in the biological sciences over the next several decades (the so called ‘post-genomic’ era) will provide job opportunities for, and will require the skills and expertise of, individuals who are comfortable with the power of mathematics, physics, computer sciences, engineering and similar ‘quantitative’ sciences, and who are conversant in the biological sciences. The intent is to provide a summer opportunity for undergraduates to contribute their talents and expertise to a meaningful, authentic, mentored research experience in a laboratory centered in the biomedical sciences. The long-term goal of this project is to have an appreciable number of program alumni(ae) find careers at the interface of the biological sciences and the quantitative discipline of their choice. The program consists of a 10-week session designed to allow undergraduates to spend 90% of their time doing important biological research, supplemented with activities to facilitate written communication skills, develop an understanding of the responsible conduct of science, examine career opportunities, enhance biomedical information search and retrieval skills, and develop a broad overview of biology through interactive seminars. A stipend of $3,000 will be paid to students for this competitive program


Please contact program administrator for details on dates and deadlines.

More Information

Jean Cornwell or Dr. Thomas Andersen
Office of Graduate Studies, ROOM MS-134, MAIL CODE 16
Albany, NY 12208
Phone: 518-262-5253