Health Careers Pathways Program

University of Kansas School of Medicine
Kansas City, KS.
Type Test Preparation


The Health Science Enrichment Institute (HSEI) is an eight-week summer program designed to provide individuals from disadvantaged and/or minority backgrounds undergraduate (non-credit) education. This educational program is offered at two levels and is structured to enhance the participant’s preparation for admission to, and probability of the participant’s successful completion of the regular course of study in a health professions school. Also, the educational program reinforces the participant’s potential for success in health careers.

All educational materials are provided free of charge. The program charges no tuition and transportation or reimbursement for travel is included. Each student recieves $40 a day and guaranteed an interview with Kansas University, School of Medicine. Housing is available on the University of Kansas, Lawrence campus.




The following eligibility requirements are for the HCPP, K-12 Programs listed above:

  • Students will have a minimum of 2.8 – 3.0 GPA respectively on a 4.0 scale.
  • Students will be classified as the grade appropriate level at the time of the program and be enrolled from one of the participating Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools.
  • Students must evidence an economically disadvantaged background or be a student in an economically disadvantaged participating Kansas City, Kansas school.
  • Junior and Senior students must have completed two Science courses (Biology and Chemistry), one Math course in Algebra and/or Calculus and one English course or equivalent.
  • Students will need to write a personal statement or essay describing his / her career interest of choice.