Historically Black College & University Centers of Excellence (CoE)

Meharry Medical College-School of Dentistry
Nashville, TN.
Type Clinical Research


While Meharry Medical College is a historically Black college, the student body reflects the diversity of the nation, with individuals also representing Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American communities.  Through a generous grant from the Bureau of Health Professions, a component of the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Center of Excellence addresses cultural diversity.

The Center’s objectives include development and implementation of three Objective Structured Clinical Examination cases on cultural and language competency related to health beliefs, folk illness, and folk therapy including alternative ethnic pharmacology in the Hispanic and African American cultures. Based on these objectives, the Center develops methodologies, plans, and procedures that improve information resources, clinical education, curricula, and cultural competence of Meharry graduates as they relate to minority health issues.


As a grant recipient, Meharry’s Center of Excellence has demonstrated success in meeting the following legislative requirements:

  1. Develop a large, competitive applicant pool.
  2. Establish, strengthen, or expand programs to enhance academic performance of underrepresented minorities (URMs) attending the school.
  3. Improve the capacity to train, recruit, and retain URM faculty.
  4. Carry out activities that improve the information resources, clinical education, curricula, and cultural competence of the graduates as they related to minority health issues.
  5. Facilitate faculty and student research on health issues particularly affecting URM groups, including delivery of care.
  6. Carry out a program that trains students in the provision of health care services to URM individuals at community-based health facilities located away from the main teaching facilities of the school.

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William B. Butler, D.D.S.
1005 DB Todd Jr. Boulevard
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Phone: 615-327-6207
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