HMRI Summer Student Program

Huntington Medical Research Institute
Pasadena, CA.
Type Clinical Research, Academic Enrichment, Academic Year Program
Deadline April 15, 2012


The 10-week-long summer research program gives students an opportunity to get hands-on experience working in biomedical research. Undergraduate and graduate students with some previous lab experience in biology/chemistry/biomedical engineering, admitted for summer internships, have an opportunity to learn laboratory procedures and work alongside their accomplished mentors. They experience medical research aimed at developing effective diagnosis and treatment of medical problems. Students attend lectures by HMRI scientists about recent research developments and present results of their own research projects at the end of the summer session. At the end of the program, students may obtain a letter of recommendation from their mentors. Students, who successfully complete the program, will receive a certificate of completion


While the program has limited funding from the Altadena Guild and the Howe Foundation, NO STIPEND OR HOUSING ASSISTANCE is provided for the participation in the program. (Exceptions can be made on an individual basis and verification of financial need will be required). Many alumni of HMRI's Summer Student Program have gone to distinguished careers. For more than 50 years HMRI has provided a summer research program for science students who are interested in careers in medical research. Several HMRI alumni have gone on to be chairmen of medical school departments and directors of research institutes, including the prestigious Salk Institute in San Diego, crediting their HMRI experience as a springboard to their future professions. HMRI is committed to striving to identify and encourage the intellectual development of new scientists.

More Information

Dr. Victor Pikov
, 734 Fairmont Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone: (626) 397-5850