Indians into Medicine Program

University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND.
Type Academic Enrichment, Clinical Observation, Clinical Research, High School Students, Test Preparation


INMED offers summer academic enrichment sessions for American Indian students at the junior high, high school and medical preparatory levels. These summer programs are designed to bolster participants’ math and science skills, introduce health career requirements, and help develop potential for success in health science careers.

In addition, these summer programs introduce the students to life on a college campus. Students are housed in UND dorms, eat in the cafeteria and classes are held in University classrooms.

Summer Institute at UND

Junior and senior high/bridge students are encouraged to participate in the INMED Summer Institute, which is a six-week academic enrichment session for students currently enrolled in grades seven through twelve. SI provides students an opportunity to enhance their potential for success in a health career through daily classes in biology, chemistry, communication/study skills, health with basic first aid, math and physics. These courses are vital for a successful health career.

In addition to the coursework, Summer Institute participants are given the opportunity to experience life on a college campus, listen to successful American Indian health professionals, learn more about various health careers, participate in educational field trips; attend a powwow, and meet other American Indian students from across the United States.

Ninety students are selected each year to participate in SI. Supervision is provided on a twenty-four hour a day basis for the entire six-week period. All educational expenses, i.e., room and board and transportation, are paid by the program with funds from our Indian Health Service and Health Career Opportunity Program grants.

Pathway at UND

This six-week summer program is for tribal community college students planning to transfer to UND in health care or pre-health curricula. Pathway courses are taught by University instructors, and are designed to prepare participants for advanced courses in the areas of anatomy, physiology, biology and physics. Pathway also includes a learning skills component to promote successful learning styles and study habits. Participants receive a stipend and travel reimbursement, and have an opportunity to settle in at Grand Forks before the beginning of fall semester. Pathway students are eligible to apply for one-year tuition waivers at UND.

Med Prep at UND

Med Prep is a six-week summer session for American Indian college upperclassmen and graduates who are preparing for medical school coursework. The program is divided into two major components: pre-medical students preparing to take or retake the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and students entering medical school.

Students preparing to take or retake the MCAT are offered daily class sessions focusing on the basic sciences, including biochemistry and physiology, and on verbal reasoning, writing and focal problems.

Incoming first-year medical students are offered a patient-centered clinical case-study approach that includes lectures, labs, and Individual Patient-Centered (IPC) group sessions. Workshops focusing on needs assessment, resource/study skills, and interview skills are offered.

Shadowing is a major aspect of both components. Students receive shadowing appointments in a variety of areas, including emergency care, cardiology, renal analysis, respiratory care and surgery. Visitations to area hospice/home care and rehab facilitites are also offered.

Students also participate in computer workshops, attend presentations by medical school personnel and visit Indian Health Service facilities. All travel, living and educational expenses for this program are funded.


Please contact program administrator for details, dates and deadlines.

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