Interdepartmental Medical Science (IMS) Program

Drexel University College of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA.
Type Academic Enrichment, Academic Year Program, Post-baccalaureate Program
Deadline July 20, 2018


The Interdepartmental Medical Science curriculum requires a full-time commitment to rigorous coursework. Considered a “special master’s” program, the Interdepartmental Medical Science program affords students the opportunity to take actual first-year medical school courses.

Six major medical school courses are taken simultaneously with Drexel University College of Medicine first-year classes. These include:

  • Medical Biochemistry
  • Cell Biology & Microanatomy
  • Medical Physiology
  • Medical Nutrition
  • Medical Immunology
  • Medical Neuroscience

Grades are based on the performance of the medical school class. A letter grade of “B” on tests, quizzes and assignments signifies the mean grade of the medical school class. Thus, Interdepartmental Medical Science students receiving A’s and B’s are performing at the top 50% of the medical school class and can therefore present themselves with strong academic credentials before a medical school admissions committee. This permits admissions committees to directly evaluate the student’s competence compared with their own first-year medical school class. In addition to the medical school courses, students take a graduate-level medical ethics course each semester.

The medical school lectures are simulcast to the Center City Campus from the College of Medicine’s Queen Lane Campus (located in the East Falls section of Philadelphia). The lectures are digitally recorded and are accessible via streaming video on the web. Additionally, course conferences and laboratory components for Interdepartmental Medical Science students are conducted at the Center City Campus by the medical school faculty.

A benefit of the Interdepartmental Medical Science program is that it begins in August and ends in early June. This allows students time to apply to medical schools while in the program and matriculate into medical school following completion of the program. The tuition associated with the Interdepartmental Medical Science program is less than the tuition for a typical one-year special master’s program. Since many students are accepted into medical school after only one year of the program, financing one year of tuition is another significant benefit.

Please know that it is not prudent for every student admitted into the Interdepartmental Medical Science program to apply while attending the program. Some students need two years of strong academic performance, beyond their incoming coursework, prior to applying to become a competitive applicant to medical schools. During the admissions process, admission officers will counsel applicants regarding the benefits of enrolling in the one-year preparatory program or the two-year special master’s program.


  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. college or university or international equivalent
  • Completion of one year each of general biology, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry with laboratories and grades of C or above
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to be competitive
  • An MCAT score of 27 or higher, with no section less than 8 (under the old system). For the new MCAT, a composite score in the 75th percentile is expected. We also accept competitive scores for the DAT for dental applicants or OAT for optometry applicants.
  • Evaluations:
    All letters of evaluation sent electronically must be on letterhead, have a hard signature and come from an .edu account. Letters of evaluation may be submitted through Interfolio.

    • Either one composite letter from the undergraduate pre-medical committee
    • Or three letters of reference (two science professors that have taught you, one additional letter)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities where coursework was attempted or taken
  • Personal Statement/ Essay:
    This personal statement is an opportunity for you to let us know how you believe this program will benefit your career. Use your personal statement as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Consider and write your personal statement carefully. Some questions you may want to consider while writing this essay are:

    • How do you believe this program will enhance your academic record?
    • Experience in health care and a commitment to medicine
    • What motivates you to pursue and learn science and how does it relate to medicine?
    • In addition, you may wish to include information such as:
      • Unique hardships, challenges, or obstacles that may have influenced your educational pursuits
      • Commentary on significant fluctuations in your academic record that are not explained elsewhere in your application
    • Provide us with a timeline for your career goals and what activities you will be pursuing while attending our program
  • Résumé
    For fall 2017 and future terms, upload your résumé as part of your admission application or through the Discover Drexel portal after you submit your application.
  • Completed online math science GPA calculation form. Please note, you will need to start your application before you can use the form.
  • Applications are welcomed from international students that have earned their bachelor’s degree from Drexel University

More Information

Interdepartmental Medical Science Program
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