Medical Education Development (MED) Program

UNC-CH School of Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC.
Type Test Preparation, Academic Enrichment


The Schools of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill sponsor the MED Program, an intensive educational experience and challenging opportunity to gain insight into the realities of attending medical or dental school. The Program provides:

  • •a demanding academic core on the level of beginning medical/dental studies with 215 hours of Gross Anatomy, Histology, MCAT/DAT Prep, Microbiology/Immunology, and Clinical Biochemistry. Dental-bound students also study Dental Theory and Lab Techniques.
  • •learning skills, test skills, and terminology appropriate to professional training. •seminars, preprofessional workshops and counseling, and activities orienting participants to the environmental and social aspects of attending professional school (approx. 50 hrs).
  • •a unique chance for each individual

••1) to demonstrate to admissions committees their ability to handle the demands of professional school, ••2) to assess depth of interest and motivation,
••3) to build academic and personal confidence in coping with what lies ahead, and ••4) to develop perspective in making educational or career decisions.


North Carolina residents receive preference and typically constitute 80-85% of participants. Applicants from other states are also welcome to apply.

The Program consists of selected students admitted to the medical and dental schools at UNC and premedical or pre-dental applicants with one year remaining before desired application to professional school. All such participants are either rising seniors or postgraduates and must be deemed as disadvantaged in some way to be eligible. Refer to FAQ for clarification of disadvantaged status.  Current applicants to professional school whose results are still pending by the Program's deadline are invited to submit an application along with an explanation of the circumstances. The Program typically enrolls 65 - 80 students per summer.
Academic prerequisites are passing grades in Organic Chemistry (Parts 1) and your other science and math courses to prove a solid background in the major biological and physical sciences that are preparatory for medical or dental school. Other factors include motivation, a personal story, and a cumulative science GPA of 2.75 or higher is strongly recommended for realistic consideration.

Please contact the program administrator for details on dates, eligibility and deadlines.


More Information

Program Coordinator of Special Programs
Lisa Long
, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Medicine - Special Programs
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7530
Phone: 919-966-7673
Fax: 919-966-7734