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Why Enroll in a Postbaccalaureate Program

There are many reasons to enroll in a postbaccalaureate premedical program (often called PostBac program for  short). Some are designed for career changers; some are geared to students who need to complete coursework in requisite undergraduate science courses; and some programs focus on applicants who would like to improve their GPA’s. Other programs are specifically designed to assist persons from groups underrepresented in medicine or from educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Length, Degree, and Linkage Agreements

Make sure to pay close attention to the focus of the PostBac program that will best suit your needs, and to the length of time it will take to complete the course. While some programs may be completed in one year, others may require 18-24 months. Additionally, some programs feature linkage agreements or affiliations with medical school programs. For specific details on various programs, degree offerings, and length of time to complete, see the AAMC’s PostBac Database.

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