Postbaccalaureate Program for Pre-Medical and Allied Health Sciences

Bennington College
Bennington, VT.
Type Basic Science Research, Test Preparation, Post-baccalaureate Program, Academic Year Program


Bennington's Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is a one-year (June to June) intensive curriculum for students who have excelled in an undergraduate program in an area other than science and now wish to acquire the prerequisites necessary to apply to medical and other health-related professional schools. 

Since 1980, Bennington’s program has given students a sound foundation in the sciences based on the philosophy that you learn science by 'doing' science. Academically rigorous, our program features close individual attention and student participation in the classroom- our small, seminar style classes encourage the development of scientific inquiry and problem-solving through the formulation of research questions and the completion of research projects. Many classes include a term project that might be experimental or research based.

A distinctive feature of Bennington's program is the seven-week winter Field Work Term. After summer and fall terms of in-class academics, students can choose to leave campus to work or volunteer in a myriad of settings in the US or abroad. Bennington faculty, staff, and alumni are available to assist students in finding a project and environment in which to explore an area of medicine or related fields that are of particular interest to them, adding to the volunteering and shadowing experience of the fall and spring terms. Students also have access to the FWT database, FWT staff and faculty for the glide year as well.

Bennington's faculty are practicing scientists, bringing to the program the vibrancy of science in action. There are often opportunities to assist in research. Faculty members are very available for help and cooperative studying is encouraged- the collaborative atmosphere at Bennington sets the tone for a solid and supportive postbac community within the greater college community. Postbac students are also encouraged to take advantage of the many offerings on campus and have full access to all services and events. 

Bennington's postbac students are both recent college graduates and experienced professionals from many backgrounds and go on to attend many of the finest medical schools in the country. We offer close assistance to our alums in achieving their professional goals. Students have access to intensive advising not only during their postbac year but throughout the following application (glide) year as well.



Candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree in another field at time of enrollment, a minimum GPA of 3.0, a demonstrated interest in some area of medicine or healthcare and will have taken few or no previous science courses as an undergraduate. Some prior prereqs can be accommodated especially if courses were taken five years prior to the medical school application.  

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