Premedical Achievement Program (PMAP)

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (MSU-CHM)
East Lansing, MI.
Type Basic Science Research, Academic Enrichment
Dates 11 Jun 2010 - 24 Jul 2010
Deadline March 25, 2010


The PMAP program will be held in MSU East Lansing Campus.  This six-week, intensive MCAT and medical school admissions preparation program is open to disadvantaged students who will be applying to medical school for either the 2011 or 2012 application cycles. 

PMAP? is? designed? to? assist? college? juniors,? seniors,? and? recent? graduates? from? disadvantaged?
backgrounds ?with ?the ?opportunity ?to ?review? fundamental ?academic ?skills ?and ?enhance? test?taking? proficiency ?as? well ?as ?to ?become ?familiar ?with ?the ?medical? school ?admissions ?process. ?A ?major ?focus? of? PMAP ?is ?the? MCAT ?preparation. ?The ?curriculum ?consists ?of ?class ?instruction ?in ?the ?various? content? areas ?found?on?the?MCAT,?paper?and?computer?based? MCAT ?practice ?exams,? and? supplemental? course?work.? PMAP? is ?a ?seven?day ?a ?week ?program—the ?schedule? begins? at ?8:30?a.m. ?and ?ends? most ?evenings ?at ?9:30?p.m. ?with ?scheduled ?breaks ?through out ?the ?day. ?NOTE: ?This ?program? is ?not? designed ?for ?students ?who ?intend ?to ?take ?classes ?during ?the ?program? sessions.

PMAP? participants? will? also? engage? in? activities? that? promote? personal? and? professional?
development.? This? component? of? the? program? is? done? throughout? the? six?week? period? via?
workshops,? group?projects, ?and ?opportunities ?to ?study ?contemporary ?health care ?issues.??
As ?you ?can ?see, ?participation ?in ?this? program? requires? a ?substantial ?time? commitment. ?The ?program? is ?designed ?for ?students ?who ?are ?serious ?about ?their ?interest ?in ?pursuing ?a ?medical ?degree. ?Student?   participants ?are ?required ?to ?engage? fully ?in ?all ?program? activities.? Stipends ?are ?provided? for ?eligible? students.?


 Eligibility ?Criteria: ?Students ?seeking ?admission ?to ?the ?program? should:??
1)  Come ?from ?a ?disadvantaged ?background ?(socially, ?economically, ?or? educationally ?disadvantaged)?
2)  Be ?a ?U.S. ?citizen ?or ?permanent ?resident; ?individuals ?on ?temporary ?or ?student ?visa are ?not ?eligible?
3)  Be ?a ?college ?junior, ?senior, ?or ?recent ?graduate? planning ?to ?apply ?to ?medical ?school? in? 2011 ?or ?2012?
4)  Have ?evidence ?of ?completion ?of ?at ?least ?6 ?semester ?credits ?or ?9 ?term? credits ?each ?of?? biology, ?inorganic/organic?chemistry, ?and ?physics, ?including ?labs?
5)  Have ?an ?overall ?grade ?point ?average ?of ?2.8 ?or ?better ?on ?a ?4.0?scale?

Student ?Stipend: ?$50.00 ?per?day. ?A? stipend ?payment ?may?be ?available? to ?eligible ?students ?to ?off set ?costs ?of?
 attendance ?at ?the ?PMAP ?program. 

*?Certain ?restrictions ?and ?federal ?guide lines ?may ?require? stipend ?reduction? or ?affect? stipend? eligibility ?for ?current ?MSU ?students.?

Student ?Lodging: ?Owen?Hall, ?MSU, ?East ?Lansing ?Campus ?(for ?students ?requiring ?on ?campus ?housing)

NOTE:? PMAP ?is ?a ?seven?day? a? week ?program — the ?schedule ?begins ?at ?8:30?a.m. ?and ?ends ?most ?evenings ?at ?9:30 ? p.m. ?with ?scheduled ?breaks ?throughout ?the ?day.

NOTE: ?This ?program? is ?not ?designed ?for ?students ?who? intend ?to ?take ?classe?s during ?the ?program ?sessions.???

Cost:?  All? PMA P?MCAT ?preparation, ?classroom, ?and ?other ?academic ?materials ?are ?provided. ?There ?is ?no ?
additional ?tuition ?or ?fees ?are ?associated? with? the? program.

NOTE:? program ?participants ?will ?be ?responsible ?for? paying ?for ?housing, ?food, ?and? other ?personal ?expenses ?with ?their ?stipend ?monies ?throughout ?the ?program ? duration.???

More Information

M.A. PMAP Director
Letitia V. Fowler
Premedical Achievement Program Application, A234 Life Sciences Building
East Lansing, MI 48824
Fax: 517-432-1051