Research, Observation, Service, Education (ROSE)

UC College of Medicine
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Type Clinical Research, Academic Enrichment
Deadline January 26, 2015


The ROSE program is part internship, part early acceptance to medical school, and part mentorship program.

The purpose of the program is to provide high ability, intellectually curious pre-medical college students opportunities to connect with University of Cincinnati College of Medicine faculty.

The program is called ROSE because ROSE students explore the field of medicine by actively participating in Research, Observation, Service and Education. Ideally, all four sets of experiences will have a common thread and students will become “junior experts” on a specific medical topic (disease, treatment, etc.).

In order to understand and appreciate the role of research in contemporary medicine, participants spend two consecutive summers at the University of Cincinnati working with current faculty and research staff. Once matched with research faculty, ROSE students design and implement a project. Research can be clinical, translational, or bench.

The ROSE experience stretches beyond research. Participants will learn the steps to finding beneficial shadowing opportunities and may be placed in clinical observations if time permits, and will be asked to consider the role of community engagement in the medical professions by participating in self-directed service projects.


This program is designed for sophomore and junior level students who are Ohio residents or who live in certain Indiana or Kentucky counties that receive Ohio reciprocity.  Only students who have successfully completed one year of college coursework as full-time, matriculated undergraduate students in a four year degree granting program will be considered. Students must be able to commit at least two consecutive summers to a research internship.

Applicants must have taken or earned equivalent credit for an entire year of biology and general chemistry with corresponding laboratories. You must have also completed at least one term (quarter or semester) of Organic Chemistry lecture (Organic Chemistry laboratory is highly desirable). If your program of study does not allow you to fulfill these requirements before applying to the ROSE program, you must explain this on your application. Competitive applicants show strong ability in all science coursework. AP credit will be taken for general Biology and Chemistry, but students are encouraged to take other science courses to highlight their ability to compete at the college level.

Students may attend college anywhere in the United States.

More Information

Assistant Director
Ms. Nikki Bibler
ROSE Program, French East Building
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267-0668
Phone: 513-558-5581