Summer Health Care Internship Program

Minnesota Hospital Association
St. Paul, MN.
Type High School Students, Rural Health


The Summer Health Care Internship Program (SHCIP) is a program administered by the Minnesota Hospital Association on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Health.

The program brings students and employers together to give students experience in a health care environment. Participating organizations employ students between Memorial Day and Labor Day for six to 12 weeks and pay them at least minimum wage. Up to half of the intern’s hourly wages are reimbursed through the program. In 2016, the SHCIP provided 234 students with 58,823 hours of internship experience in 55 hospitals, clinics and long-term care organizations.


You must have completed either your junior or senior year of high school in Minnesota and must intend to complete graduation requirements. Or, you must be a post-secondary student enrolled in a Minnesota educational institution or be a resident of Minnesota enrolled in an out-of-state program. Post-secondary students must be enrolled (but not graduating in 2017) in a two- or four-year health care degree program with the intention of completing the program.

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