Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN.
Type Basic Science Research, Clinical Research
Deadline February 23, 2015


Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). The goal of UROP is to help you become involved in research and creative activity to stimulate your mind, broaden your perspectives, expand your intellectual and social networking and strengthen your connections to the University of Minnesota community, as well as the research and creative communities nationally and throughout the world. UROP provides stipends of up to $1400 and research expenses of up to $300 for undergraduate students working with a University of Minnesota Faculty Mentor. Full-time (enrolled for ≥6 credits) undergraduates enrolled in any college on any campus are eligible to apply. Eligible Faculty Mentors are faculty members holding any type of appointment (including clinical, emeritus, adjunct, research associate, etc.) in any college on any campus. UROP students and their Faculty Mentors are often in different colleges and sometimes different campuses.


Contact program administrator for more dates and deadlines.

More Information


Vicky Munro
Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, 109 Appleby Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-625-3853
Fax: 612-626-6214