Vetward Bound Enrichment Summer Program

Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine
East Lasting, MI.
Type Academic Enrichment, Clinical Research, Test Preparation


The Enrichment Summer Program provides academic advancement and career knowledge for undergraduate students interested in veterinary medicine. The program focuses on developing well-qualified prospective students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program is open to undergraduate students who have selected veterinary medicine as a career choice and who plan to apply to a professional program summer of 2018 for entrance fall of 2019. Ten positions are available for this exciting opportunity.

Download more information about the Enrichment Summer Program here.


  • Receive intensive preparation for professional school
  • Obtain exposure to the diverse professional opportunities in veterinary medicine
  • Develop more efficient study and test strategies
  • Gain field and clinical experience with multiple species of animals
  • Engage in specialized science disciplines
  • Create lifelong bonds with fellow students from across the state of Michigan
  • Experience life on the beautiful MSU campus
  • Spend time with faculty mentors
  • Attend seminars on communications, leadership, and preparing the Veterinary Medical School Application Service (VMCAS)


In order to be eligible for the Enrichment Summer Program, you must:

  • Be a Michigan resident
  • Be educationally, economically, and/or culturally disadvantaged
  • Be at or above a sophomore standing (31-60 credits completed)
  • Have a competitive cumulative GPA in all prerequisites science courses, with grades above a 2.0
  • Have completed at least 50% of the professional program prerequisites


  • College Algebra and Trigonometry (or pre-calculus or calculus)
  • Physics I and II with labs*
  • Chemistry I with lab*
  • Organic Chemistry I and II with lab*
  • Biochemistry
  • Introduction to Biology I and II with lab
  • Genetics
  • Upper Level Biology such as Cell Biology, Physiology, Neurobiology, Immunology, or Histology (For course approval, contact the Admissions Office.)
  • Microbiology with lab

*Additional courses are required to fulfill these requirements if completed at a school with a quarter calendar.

More Information

Office of Diversity Program, Enrichment Summer Program
East Lasting, MI 48824-1316
Phone: 517-355-6521
Fax: 517-353-9701