Alabama Osteopathic Medical Association
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The ALOMA Board of directors (“Board”) shall award scholarships to applicants by majority vote.  The ALOMA will award one scholarship annually for up to $5000.  The dollar amount shall be set by the Board from time to time.

Applicant should be from Alabama and must indicate in writing their intention to practice medicine in Alabama following completion of their residency training.  Applicant must have successfully completed their first year of training and in good standing with an AOA-accredited medical school.

Scholarships shall be awarded without regard to the gender, religious preference, race or national origin of the applicant.  Financial need shall, however, be considered.  No applicant shall be considered unless they have filed a written application with the Board.  No applicant who is a first order relative of any officer or Board member of this association shall be awarded a scholarship.

The deadline for submission will be June 30th of each year in anticipation for a board discussion and decision at the annual summer meeting.

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E. Jason Hatfield, DO, Secretary-Treasurer
Alabama Osteopathic Medical Association
PO Box 1857; (200 Carraway Drive, Suite 1)
Winfield, AL 35594