Alabama Rural Loan

Board of Medical Scholarship Awards
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Rural loans are made to medical students who are interested in practicing primary care in a shortage area in the State of Alabama. These awards will pay all tuition, fees and living expenses as described in the catalog of each school in return for a commitment to practice in a shortage area. Students may apply at any time during their four years of medical school and receive funding back to the first day of medical school.

Loans shall be available to any resident of Alabama of good character who has been accepted for matriculation by one of the medical schools of Alabama preference being given to those applicants who can show an economic need and who commit in writing to practice in a rural area in a generalist specialty as determined by the Board (This currently includes only: family practice, internal medicine and pediatrics).

The Board may, at its discretion, permit students to apply for a loan under this subdivision in any scholastic year and for any previously completed scholastic year and for any previously completed scholastic year of medical education.

The application is a simple two page information sheet. Applicants are asked to write an essay on: "What you feel this loan program and your career goals have in common." Also, all applicants will have a personal interview with representatives from the Board.


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