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School of Medicine Institutional Scholarships

Scholarship Applicants and Recipients must complete these two stepseach year.

1. Complete the School of Medicine application for Scholarships

 2. Provide financial information by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 

  • Designate UAB as the school to receive your FAFSA.
    • *Include parental information unless you are age 30 or greater even if you:
      • Consider yourself an independent.
      • Receive no financial support from parents.
      • Are married.
      • Consider yourself having no financial need. 

*This requirement is policy of the UAB Financial Aid Office for determining financial need for scholarships.

The School of Medicine is grateful for the generous support of 71 individuals and foundations providing scholarships.  The information submitted to the scholarship application online is shared with our Scholarship Donors.  They enjoy reading about the goals and accomplishments of the students they support with their funds.

The FAFSA data helps us match specific scholarship criteria with appropriate students.

Scholarship Criteria Examples:

  • Academic Merit only
  • Financial Need
  • Both Merit and Need
  • Some scholarship funds have very specific criteria:
    • Particular hometown.
    • Particular High school.
    • Particular Geographic locations.
    • Ability to add to the diversity and distinction of the student body

Selection process
Current students and incoming accepted applicants to the School of Medicine are eligible to receive institutional scholarship awards.  Our Scholarship Committee composed of dedicated faculty and staff members of the school makes the award decisions annually.  The work of the Committee is housed in the division of Medical Student Services.  The committee meets three to four times each year to select scholarship recipients based on their academic excellence, ability to add to the diversity and distinction of the student body, and financial need.  Some scholarship awards are made for all four years of medical school, but many scholarships are not automatically renewable.  Recipients must qualify each year.


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