Alice P. Fabrykiewicz, RDH, BS – CDHA Scholarship

Type Scholarship
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The Alice P. Fabrykiewicz, RDH, BS - CDHA Scholarship is awarded by the Connecticut Dental Hygienists'  Association to the Connecticut resident and student accepted or currently attending a dental hygiene program located in Connecticut.  Monetary amount is determined yearly by the Connecticut Dental Hygienists' Association, Inc.

The Applicant must complete the Scholarship Application and following materials:

  • Resume identifying involvement in school, community or volunteer activities;
  • Essay discussing how interest in dental hygiene developed and identifying objectives for personal growth after dental hygiene licensure;
  • Most recent transcript forwarded directly from school.

The following may also be submitted by consideration:

  • Financial need;
  • Letter(s) of reference from individuals known by applicant (other than family);
  • Recommendations from faculty.

More Information

Marleen Grandia, RDH, BGS
PO Box 1091
Harford, CT 06143
Phone: 800-688-7301
Fax: 860-688-5188