American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Continuing Professional Development Scholarships

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
Type Scholarship
Amount $3,000


The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses scholarship program has expanded to help members enrich their careers and acquire knowledge and skills beyond traditional academic nursing education. A limited number of scholarships for specific academic courses will continue to be awarded.

Scholarship applicants must assess gaps in their knowledge and skills, identify and evaluate learning opportunities, and develop a plan to show how an AACN scholarship will help them achieve their professional learning goals. In developing your learning plan, be as specific as possible when you are linking learning activities to knowledge gaps. AACN membership is required for the duration of the learning activity.

AACN's scholarship program is designed to promote lifelong learning, personal reflection
and professional growth. The program may fund academic activities on a limited basis,
but that would be because a specific academic course aligns with an applicant’s
development plan rather than because an entire academic curriculum results in earning
a degree or credential as the end point.  
Applicants are advised to be very specific when describing how they will achieve their
individual goals through the proposed activity for which they are requesting funding.  
In the application, applicants are asked to reflect on their own knowledge gaps and
answer these questions when they write their essays:
- What don’t I know?
- What do I want to know?
- How do I plan to acquire the knowledge I lack?
Applicants must show a direct link between the content of the learning activity they are
proposing and what they need to learn in order to overcome the gaps in their
knowledge and skills. When submitting for a course that is part of a structured
(academic) program, focus on the content of a specific course and show how that
content fills an individual learning gap. Do not submit for a general academic program
that covers a number of courses over a period of months or years. Applicants are
encouraged to focus on their own personal learning journey, rather than on simply
meeting the requirements for a structured degree program.
? Current active membership in AACN at time of application and throughout the term of
the funded activity is required.
? Members of the AACN and AACN Certification Corporation board of directors and
national office staff are not eligible.

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