Clinical Pharmacy Post-Pharm.D. Fellowships

American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education
Type Fellowship
Amount $27,500Up to two (2) new awards at $27,500 per year for two years. AWARD NOT ACTIVE IN 2009
Duration 2 YearsAWARD NOT ACTIVE IN 2009



To enable a Pharm.D.-level clinical pharmacist to obtain advanced education, training, and expertise in relevant areas of the biomedical and related basic sciences in order to become a competent clinical scientist in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, institutional settings, or government able to create and maintain a prominent peer-reviewed research program and make major contributions to the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences. The Fellowship is not intended to support clinical training or experience.


A decided preference will be given to candidates who propose a fellowship away from their present affiliation. Applicants cannot be enrolled in a Ph.D. degree program during the two-year period.



    This funding opportunity requires applicants to hold U.S. Citizenship.

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