Delaware Higher Education Assistance

Delaware Health Care Commission
Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount - Loan not to exceed cost of tuition, fees, and other direct educational expenses.


The Delaware Loan Repayment Program is designed to recruit health professionals to areas of the state that have been identified as underserved by the Delaware Health Care Commission.

Health Professional Requirements

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a clinician practicing in an eligible specialty with United States citizenship or a legal permanent resident of the United States or be a selected refugee approved by the U.S. Attorney General;
  • Be committed to providing full-time patient care (minimum of 40 hours a week, not including time on-call or travel time, except in those instances where the clinician is providing full-time care to low income, homebound patients in an underserved area and for whom transportation to the clinician’s office is either unavailable or unreliable) for a minimum of two (2) years in an underserved area;
  • Establish residency within 30 minutes of the practice site or, in the case of physicians, meet the requirement of the hospital in the catchment areas for admitting privileges;
  • Have a valid, unrestricted license to practice in the State of Delaware at the time the service obligation begins;
  • Have not been convicted of any felony, including but not limited to violent felonies, as so defined under either Federal or State law and as more particularly defined and enumerated in 11 Del. C. Sec. 4201;
  • Have not been convicted or found guilty of, or disciplined by this or any other State licensing Board or Agency authorized to issue a certificate to practice medicine or dentistry in this or any other State, for unprofessional conduct as so defined in 24 Del. C. Sec. 1731(a). Such a bar to applying for the Delaware State Loan Repayment Program For Health Professionals shall occur if the applicant was disciplined by means of levying a fine or by the restriction, suspension or revocation, either permanently or temporarily, of the applicant’s certificate to practice medicine or dentistry, or by other appropriate action, which may include a requirement that the applicant who was disciplined must also complete specified continuing professional education courses.
  • Have outstanding qualifying higher education loans that are not in default;
  • All dentists must agree that a minimum of 20% of their scheduled appointments will be comprised of Medicaid and S-CHIP (Delaware Healthy Children Program) patients and/or low-income (<200 FPL) dentally uninsured patients who will be provided care at reduced rates or free-of-charge. Low-income patients may include participants in the Nemours Dental Outreach program and the Vocational Rehabilitation program administered through the Delaware Division of Public Health. Unannounced audits of office scheduling records may be made periodically by Loan Repayment officials.
  • All non-dental clinicians must agree to participate in the Delaware Community Healthcare Access Program (CHAP) and the Voluntary Initiative Program Phase II (VIP II) sponsored by the Medical Society of Delaware. CHAP provides low cost or no cost primary care "medical homes" to individuals who are ineligible for the Diamond State Health Plan or the Delaware Healthy Children Program, yet within established income limits. Enrollment in CHAP also provides eligible individuals with access to a statewide network of medical subspecialty services. Other benefits currently under negotiation include discounted lab and x-ray services, and pharmaceuticals. CHAP recipients receive discounted medical services based upon their income. VIP II is a statewide network of private physicians who accept CHAP patients into their practices and serve as their health home or provide medical subspecialty services. To enroll in VIP II, call Wheeler & Associates at (302) 335-1560.


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