Dr. James L. Hutchinson & Evelyn Ribbs Hutchinson Medical School Scholarship

Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Type Scholarship
Amount $2,000
Duration 1 Year

Please check with program administrator on deadlines.


Our region is a global hub of technological innovation and discovery. However, a majority of our students are not adequately prepared to contribute to the workforce that is the region’s economic engine. The focus of this strategy is to close the middle school achievement gap in mathematics that separates low-income students and students of color from others in preparing for college and future success.

The education strategy has a two-pronged approach. Supporting in-school strategies which seek to increase the effectiveness of instruction during school hours and out-of-school strategies, which seek to increase the number and effectiveness of extended learning opportunities.


  • Not Applicable


This funding opportunity requires applicants to hold U.S. Citizenship.

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