Educational Seed for Physicians

Family Medicine Foundation of West Virginia
Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount $2k - 10k
Duration 4 Years


This program, administered by the Family Medicine Foundation of West Virginia, the philanthropic arm of the West Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians, provides loans to medical students who promise to specialize in family medicine and practice for five years in West Virginia upon completion of internships or residency training.

Repayment of the loans is waived after the required five years of practice in the state. Physicians who do not fulfill the service agreement must repay the loans with interest.
Five ESP scholarships are awarded each year.


ESP awards are made by the Family Medicine Foundation board, based on recommendations of a committee that includes representatives of the board, the West Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs (which originated the ESP fund), and the medical profession.


  • Not Applicable


This funding opportunity requires applicants to hold U.S. Citizenship.

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Family Medicine Foundation of West Virginia
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