Elizabeth and Sherman Asche Memorial Scholarships

Association on American Indian Affairs
Type Scholarship
Amount $1,500
Duration 1 YearApplications available in February and accepted until April 15th. Verify deadlines with program administrator.


The Association on American Indian Affairs offers Elizabeth and Sherman Asche Memorial Scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each to graduate and undergraduate students pursuing a degree in public health or science. Disbursement in the amount of $750 is made directly to the college fall and spring semesters pending satisfactory progress. Spring disbursement requires a copy of the fall semester's grades and a spring semester class schedule. This scholarship does not automatically renew. Students are eligible to apply on a yearly basis.

Due to the nature of tribal status, a Certificate of Indian Blood is requested and helpful, but not required.  Documents showing lineal descent are acceptable.


Application Student Information Form with all required fields completed. Please print clearly. If we cannot read your writing, we may not be able to contact you and move on to another student.

Proof of Tribal Enrollment - All applicants must be enrolled in their tribe. In the case of Alaska tribes only, if proof of tribal enrollment is available, that is preferred. If not, Alaska Native Corporate documents are acceptable (BQ requirements still apply).

Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) - showing at least ¼ Indian blood for students from federally recognized tribes. (Not needed if your blood quantum is listed on your tribal enrollment.)

Proof of Indian blood for students from non-recognized tribes - (See Allogan Slagle Scholarship).

Student Essay - Please include educational & post graduate goals as well as life experiences, participation in your Native community, other tribal/cultural related activity, academic, military, faith, sports, clubs, plans to give back to the Native community, and any other information as applicable.


  • Alaskan Native
  • American Indian
  • Native American

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