Helen A. Smith Education and Loan Fund

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The Helen A. Smith Memorial Fund was established by the members of the Idaho Nurses Association, District 31, in 1958 as a memorial to Helen A. Smith in recognition of her devotion and contribution to nursing care and education during her lifetime.

Purpose: To provide loans to registered nurses for study in programs related to nursing.

Criteria for granting loans: Applicant must:

  1. Be a registered nurse in the state of Idaho.
  2. Be a current member of INA District 31.
  3. Demonstrate active participation or willingness to actively participate in INA and/or District 31, i.e., committees, offices, attendance at meetings.
  4. Be continuing his/her education related to nursing.
  5. Be accepted into an educational program.
  6. Need financial assistance in order to continue education.

Amount of loans: Up to $500. A check in the total amount requested will be presented to the applicant upon approval of the INF Board. Persons to whom loans are granted are required to sign a promissory note, a copy of which will be given to them for their files.

Basis of repayment: Loans will be repaid as stipulated in the promissory note and/or conditions and terms of the loan, and may be repaid in full at any time during the contract.

Application Forms: Applications for loans should be submitted at least two months prior to the date the loan is needed.

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