Independence Blue Cross Nurse Scholars Program

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Independence Blue Cross (IBC) recognizes that nurses are critical to the health care delivery system, and that the shortage of nurses and nurse educators threatens the accessibility of quality and affordable health care that our members rely on us to provide.

Our Mission

In 2004, IBC created the Nurse Scholars Program to increase the current supply of nurses and nurse educators in our region and to provide long-term solutions that alleviate the root causes of the shortage.

The program addresses the well-documented shortage of nurses and nurse educators in southeastern Pennsylvania by:

In partnership with the Pennsylvania Higher Education Foundation, IBC invested $10.75 million through 2010 to the Nurse Scholars Program and its companion initiatives.

Over the course of the program, over 1,300 scholarships have been awarded to undergraduate nursing students at 31 accredited nursing programs in southeastern Pennsylvania, and more than 1,500 scholarships have been provided to Master and Doctorate-level students pursuing a degree in Nursing Education.