Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship

Kansas Board of Regents
Type Scholarship
Amount $2k - 3kRecipients who enroll in Licensed Practical Nurse programs are eligible for $2,500 each year of the program. Those enrolled in Registered Nurse programs are eligible for $3,500. Sponsors pay from $1,000 to one-half of the scholarship and the State of Kansas pays the remaining amount.
Duration 1 Year


The Kansas Nursing Service Scholarship requires a commitment to practicing as an LPN or RN in a specific Kansas location. Applicants must locate a sponsor (generally a hospital or long-term care facility) to provide partial scholarship funding and provide employment upon licensure of the recipient.

Program Description

Designed to encourage enrollment in nursing programs by Kansans committed to practicing in Kansas. Recipients sign agreements to practice nursing at specific facilities one year for each year of scholarship support.

Academic Criteria:Minimum criteria include:

  1. Acceptance to a Kansas nursing program (pre-nursing will not be funded)
  2. Commitment by an eligible sponsor to fund up to half of the scholarship and provide full-time employment to the recipient within six (6) months after licensure.

Recipients:Awards are made to students with the earliest receipt date of a completed nursing application. The FAFSA and the state application must be processed by the deadline date.


    Other Restrictions

    Scholarship recipients work for the sponsor, who provided a portion of the funds, one year for each year of scholarship support. If the recipient changes majors or decides not to work for the sponsor as a nurse, the scholarship becomes a loan (with an interest rate equal to the Federal Plus Loan + an additional 5% subject to change annually) accruing from the date scholarship funds are released by the Board of Regents office.

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