Kansas Optometry Service Scholarship

Kansas Board of Regents
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Designed to encourage optometrists to establish Kansas practices. Kansas helps to pay the difference between resident and nonresident tuition at eligible out-of-state institutions. Generally, recipients must return one year of practice for each year of assistance.

The State of Kansas has an agreement with three Schools of Optometry for Kansas students to receive the Kansas Optometry Service Scholarship: (1) Kansas participates in a reciprocal agreement with the State of Missouri by which 12 Kansas residents, including three freshmen, may enroll in the Missouri School of Optometry, University of Missouri - St. Louis and pay resident fees. This option requires no service from participants to the State of Kansas. (2) the Kansas contract with the Southern College of Optometry, Memphis, Tennessee, 12 seats including three freshmen; or (3) the School of Optometry at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 8 seats including two freshmen. At schools (2) and (3) the contract provides a reduced tuition amount for selected Kansas residents. Participants fulfill their obligation to the State of Kansas by providing one year of service as an optometrist anywhere in Kansas for each year of subsidized tuition. Specify which school you are applying to for the scholarship. Selection is based on academic considerations and Kansas residency.

We expect the program to continue with the same schools; however, in 2006 a new agreement was signed with the University of Missouri-St Louis and the number of seats was reduced from 20 to 12 seats and only two seats will be available for 2007-2008. It is likely the 2007 Kansas Legislature will not act on appropriations before March 2007 nor will new scholarships be awarded before June 2007. Students renewing their scholarship get first consideration for available money. New scholarships are awarded if money is available.

Each school selects the students who may participate in the program.


    Other Restrictions

    If the service is not provided then the scholarship is converted to a loan of the principal plus an interest rate which is equivalent to the interest rate applicable to loans made under the federal PLUS program at the time such person first entered into an agreement plus five percentage points. The interest rate for 2006-2007 was 13.5 percent.

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