Kenneth H. Ashworth Fellowship Program

Type Scholarship
Amount $2,000


To provide financial assistance to students with financial need who are enrolled in graduate programs in public affairs, public service or public administration.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Are Texas Residents;
  • Show financial need;
  • Are enrolled as graduate students in public affairs, public service or public administration;
  • Intend to work in Texas after completing their graduate studies; and
  • Register for the selective Service or be exempt from this requirement.

Eligible Institutions

  • Only in-state (Texas) colleges or universities may participate in the program.
  • Only public or private, non-profit college or universities may participate in the program (no private, for-profit colleges or universities may participate).

Application Process

The Deans of colleges of public affairs, public service and public administration at eligible college or universities may submit applications for two students per year to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The recipient is selected by a committee at the Coordinating Board. Applications submitted by Deans are due to the Coordinating Board by February 20 of each year.

More Information

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