Marva Jean Jackson (MJJ) Rural Community Health Scholarships

The State Office of Rural Health
Type Scholarship
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Small grants that help pay for the training and/or education of a local healthcare provider are available for rural facilities or community groups. CRHC will match, two-to-one, the support provided up to $1,000 a year. Awards are made for one year, but applicants can reapply in subsequent years. 

Seed money is available for purposes or projects whose intent matches the mission of the Colorado Rural Health Center - "Enhancing healthcare services in Colorado by providing information, education, linkages, tools & energy toward addressing rural healthcare issues." As you can imagine, there is a great deal of flexibility within this criterion. Applicants are welcome to contact CRHC to see if an idea meets the general intent of this program before filing out the application form.
Amounts The maximum amount of an award is $500. Smaller requests are encouraged. A member can only receive one grant per calendar year.
The applicant must be rural. A rural area is defined as not part of a metropolitan area (like Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Pueblo, etc.) AND has a population of under 25,000.  Applicants must be CRHC investing members at the Organizational or Corporate level. While any person in the member organization or corporation can apply, the individual listed as the contact person for the membership must approve of the Seed Grant application.

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