Michigan State Loan Repayment Program

Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount -


The Michigan SLRP provides loan repayment assistance to medical, dental and mental health care professionals who are willing to provide full-time health care services in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) at a not-for-profit health clinic for two or more years.   Federal funding through the National Health Service Corps of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is equally matched with State of Michigan or Local Match Funds contributed by health care employers to provide this loan repayment assistance.

The information presented on this website is designed to be read in the same order as the navigational headings listed below.  Please use these headings to cover all of the material on the website.  This material will give you an understanding of Michigan SLRP sufficient to determine your best application strategy.

MSLRP Expands Areas Eligible to Participate in Loan Repayment 
MSLRP has made a determination to offer loan repayment to communities with a HPSA status of "no data submitted" or "proposed for withdrawal."  These communities are not eligible for National Health Service Corps placements, and had been previously ineligible for MSLRP.  This will notably increase the number of communities eligible to participate in MSLRP.  To see lists and maps showing newly eligible MSLRP counties, follow this link and then read under the section of the page titled: "Special Information for the Michigan State Loan Repayment Program."