NC Student Loan Program Health, Science and Mathematics

State of North Carolina
Type Loan
Amount $58,000


The loan obligation may be forgiven through approved employment within the state of North Carolina provided the recipient works in the field for which he/she was funded.  One calendar year of full-time employment in designated shortage areas is required for each school year a loan was received.  Approved service areas include state facilities and educational systems, or designated healthcare and veterinary science disciplines. 


Associate Degree/Certificate Programs: $3,000 per year. Maximum loan amount is $6,000 for two years if unconditionally accepted into specific program discipline.
Baccalaureate Degree/Certificate Programs: $5,000 per year for three years. Maximum loan amount is $15,000.
Master's Degree Program: $6,500 per year in two-year programs. Total maximum loan amount is $13,000.
Health Professional/Doctoral Programs: $8,500 per year. Maximum loan amount is $34,000 in required four-year programs.
Aggregate Loan Amount: $58,000 is the maximum amount that one student can borrow from this program.


Legal residents of North Carolina who have been accepted as full-time students in accredited associate, baccalaureate, master's or doctoral programs leading to a degree are eligible for this program. Studies must be in specified health, science, or mathematics-related fields (see Eligible Fields of Study). Students may attend a North Carolina postsecondary institution or an eligible out-of-state institution.  Award recipients are chosen according to major, academic capabilities, and financial need.

Other Restrictions

US and NC resident; full-time enrollment; loans must be secured by co-signers.


This funding opportunity requires applicants to hold U.S. Citizenship.

More Information

Edna Williams
State of North Carolina
PO Box 14223
Research Triangle, NC 27709
Phone: 919-549-8614
Fax: 919-248-4687