New Jersey Veterinary Medicine Education Act of 1971

State of New Jersey
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The Veterinary Medicine Education Act of 1971 provides for contractual agreements between the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority and out-of-state schools of veterinary medicine for the acceptance of New Jersey residents who are and have been residents of the State of New Jersey for twelve consecutive months.  Under the terms of the Act, the schools receive a capitation subsidy toward the cost of education in return for a number of reserved spaces for New Jersey residents.


The contract schools approved by the advisory committee are has follows: University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, Tuskegee University, Iowa State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Illinois, and Tufts University.  Any changes to this list of schools will be posted to the HESAA website.


The anticipated distribution of spaces is limited.  We suggest that you consider applying to all of the contract schools to enhance your chances of being accepted.1


Most schools of veterinary medicine also admit a few out-of-state residents, without specific contracts.   New Jersey residents have previously been accepted at Auburn University, Colorado State University, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, Purdue University, Texas A & M University,  the University of Tennessee, the University of Florida,  University of Missouri, and the University of Wisconsin.  You may apply to any of these schools.  Their selection of students is based on open competition from all out-of-state applicants.  The state of New Jersey does not contribute to the cost of the educational process at these institutions; admission of New Jersey residents is not facilitated by this program.


Application forms and bulletins must be obtained from the schools by the student.  The applications should be completed and returned to the schools by the dates specified in their bulletins.  Please note that each school has its particular prerequisite education requirements.  It is therefore advisable that you obtain college catalogues well in advance of your application in order to make sure that all prerequisites have been met.


In order to qualify for participation in this contract program, each applicant must submit to the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority at the time of application to the schools of veterinary medicine, effective proof of New Jersey residency for at least twelve consecutive months prior to the date of matriculation.  Students must maintain full-time status.  Students are presumed to be residents of the state in which their parents or guardians reside unless they can demonstrate bona fide independence from their parents.

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