NIH Pediatric Research Loan Repayment Program

National Institutes of Health/NIH
Type Loan Forgiveness
Amount $35k - 70k
Duration 2 YearsSee website for details.


The Pediatric Research LRP is a vital component of our nation’s efforts to attract health professionals to careers in pediatric research. In exchange for a two-year commitment to your research career, NIH will repay up to $35,000 per year of your qualified repayable educational debt, pay an additional 39% of the repayments to cover your Federal taxes, and may reimburse state taxes that may result from these payments.


Eligible applicant must have a PhD, MD, PharmD, D.O., DDS, DMD, DPM, DVM, DC, ND, or equivalent degree. Qualifying fellows must hold a two-year appointment at the NIH.

Other Restrictions

Eligible applicant must have a Ph.D, MD, PharmD, DO, DDS, DMD, DPM, DVM, DC, ND, or equivalent degree; Must be affiliated with the NIH

More Information

Marc Horowitz, J.D., Director
National Institutes of Health/NIH
2 Center Drive
Bethesda, MD 20892-0230
Phone: 301-402-5666