Oregon Rural Health Services Program

State of Oregon
Type Scholarship
Amount $5,000


The program was created to encourage physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to practice in rural areas in the State of Oregon with unmet health care needs. This repayment program focuses on general practice, primary care providers. In exchange for service in qualifying locations, participants receive annual payments toward student loan principal borrowed for professional education. Annual payments may be up to $25,000, if warranted by the qualifying student loans of a participant.
Physicians may receive annual payments equal to 20% of qualifying loan principal for up to five years of qualifying practice. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants may receive annual payments equal to 25% of qualifying loan principal for up to four years of qualifying practice.


To apply, contact Susan Taylor at the Oregon Student Assistance Commission. Susan will record your name and mailing address in the annual database and send you an application in October following your inquiry.


Practitioners should not apply before the last year of their training.