PASNAP Future Nurse Scholarship

Type Scholarship
Amount $500


PASNAP is proud to offer a $1000 award to a high school senior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This scholarship was initiated in 2008 in memory of Richard Berritini, a Certified School Nurse for almost 15 years at Port Allegheny High School. He lost his life in 2008 serving for the National Guard in Afghanistan. We continue this scholarship in honor of all the nurses who have learned that the ability to care for others is a gift you will have with you always.

In order to be eligible for the award, the application must be submitted and postmarked by May 1st. The winner will be notified via telephone by June 1st. The award will be sent in the student's name directly to the college or university of the winner's choice.

All paperwork must be included in its entirety. No exceptions will be made.


1. To award three $500 scholarships to a qualified PASNAP member enrolled in a graduate program.

2. To foster the professional role of a school nurse and/or practitioner by assisting the student financially.

3. To recognize the outstanding contribution made by nurses and practitioners in school health settings.

4. To assist a registered nurse enrolled in a program to become a Certified School Nurse by awarding one $500 scholarship.


To encourage and support a Certified School Nurse enrolled in a graduate program who is a member of PASNAP thereby increasing advanced practice nurses in the school setting.

To encourage a registered nurse student to attain his/her educational goals thus increasing the number of Certified School Nurses working in the school health settings.


1.  All PASNAP Certified School Nurses enrolled in a graduate program with the intention of continuing to practice in a school health setting

2.  Registered nurses enrolled in a program to become a Certified School Nurse.

 3.  All applicants must be in good standing with the college/university. Need for financial aid does not have to be established. Each qualified applicant will have an equal opportunity to win the scholarship since it will be a random chance selection.


The Scholarship/Research Committee Chair will review all applications submitted by February 15th. All complete applications will be presented to the Board of Directors. A number will be assigned to each qualified application. One number will be selected at random by the Scholarship/Research Committee Chairperson. The recipients of the scholarship will be notified in writing within four weeks and announced at the annual conference.

Recipients are expected to write a short piece for the newsletter reflecting on how this financial support will help them realize their educational goals.