Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships

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The AMA Foundation has made it a priority to assist medical students in handling the rising cost of medical education. The Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships were created in 2004 to provide financial assistance to medical students facing spiraling medical school debt. On average, medical students in the U.S. graduate with a debt load of nearly $155,000. A large debt burden may deter many from practicing in underserved areas of the country or practicing primary care medicine. To date, over $700,000 has been granted to exceptional medical students across the nation.

These $10,000 scholarships reward current third-year medical students/individuals who are approaching their final year of medical school. At least two different scholarships, funded by various organizations, will be awarded in 2011. The number of recipients is determined after all applications have been received.  Typically, 8-12 recipients in total are selected. Each medical school can nominate one person for each of the different scholarship opportunities (2 nominees in total).  Each scholarship category takes into consideration academic excellence and financial need. 

Each $10,000 scholarship is based on different eligibility requirements.

  • Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship: Selection is based on academic excellence and financial need.
  • Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, supported by the Johnson F. Hammond, MD, Fund: Selection is based on a commitment to a career in medical journalism.

Additionally, medical schools in the state of Oklahoma may submit 2 additional nominees for the following scholarship opportunity:

  • Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, supported by the Dr. Lin and Minta Hill Alexander Fund:  The recipient of this scholarship must currently attend medical school in that state of Oklahoma.  Selection is based on academic excellence and financial need.   

Contact your medical school if you are interested in being nominated for the Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships.