Rawley Silver Research Award

Amount -


The purpose of this award is to fund an art therapy research project by a voting member of the American Art Therapy Association. The project should be conducted within an educational setting or be related to art therapy and education. Completed research, research not yet initiated but that has received approval from a review board, or research in progress is eligible.



  1. Only voting members of AATA may apply.
  2. Individuals may submit (or be part of a submission team) for only one proposal. Multiple submissions by any researcher (individually or as part of a research team) will not be accepted.
  3. The principal researcher will confirm willingness to acknowledge financial support from American Art Therapy Association in the form of the Rawley Silver Research Grant Award in all reports, presentations, and publications related to the proposed study. The applicant will provide a plan for the dissemination of research findings and a completion date for the study (Application Form, Attachment I). 
  4. Proposals may be submitted for completed, new, or research in progress.
  5. The amount of the award, ranging between $750 and $1,000 per award, will vary according to the Association’s annual investment returns and the Association’s budget. This amount will be determined annually by the Research Committee in cooperation with the Finance Committee and the Executive Director.