ShopKo Pharmacy Student Scholarship

ShopKo Pharmacy
Type Scholarship
Amount $50,000


Shopko is proud to support and recognize the educational initiatives of our teammates and their families. Teammates and their dependent family members are eligible for scholarships through the Shopko Scholarship Program, which are awarded on an annual basis. We typically give $50,000 for 20 scholarships to our Shopko families.

Shopko also supports the educational initiatives of Pharmacy students by providing scholarship awards at 18 schools of pharmacy across the United States.


Proud of our strong retail health heritage, Shopko has implemented a Pharmacy Student Loan Program to continue to promote the profession. Eligible students can qualify for up to $33,000 in student loans. Students that have been accepted into pharmacy school and remain in good standing can be recommended by a Shopko Pharmacy Manager for the loan program. Participation in the Shopko Pharmacy Summer Internship Program is a great experience and recommendation for the Student Loan Program.

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